Writing and Editing for Magazines

“To the Stars”

Guideposts, June/July 2021

“How Beloved Children’s Book Author Beverly Cleary Inspired This Writer”

guideposts.org, March 30, 2021

A Spirit of Power” (cover story on Tamron Hall)

Guideposts, February 2020

“Animal Angels”

Angels on Earth, May/June 2019

“Tell Us about Your Dad” (feature on Miss Mississippi Asya Branch)

Guideposts, April 2018

“Valentine Angels”

Angels on Earth, January/February 2019

“Hot Diggity Doggie!”

Guideposts, January 2019

“Park Here”

Guideposts, October 2018

“Heart Marks the Spot”

Angels on Earth, July/August 2018

“Rising Star” (feature on Tiera Guinn Fletcher)

Guideposts, January 2018

“A Call for a Cure”

Guideposts, November 2017

“Pizza 4 Patriots”

Angels on Earth, November/December 2017

“The Best Therapy” (cover story on Holly Rowe)

Guideposts, October 2017

“A Better World” (cover story on Lester Holt)

Guideposts, September 2017

“A New Mission” (feature on Brandon McMillan)

Guideposts, August 2017

“What Brandon McMillan Learned about Life by Training Dogs”

Guideposts.org, May 4, 2017

“More Than Her Hero”

Mysterious Ways, April/May 2017

“Jen Bricker: Flipping the World Upside Down”

Guideposts.org, March 17, 2017

“Meet the Sock Queen”

Guideposts, January 2017

“A Sign in the Sky”

Angels on Earth, Nov/Dec 2016

“The Collector”

Angels on Earth, Nov/Dec 2016

“Hiding in Plain Sight” (cover story on Elizabeth Vargas)

Guideposts, October 2016

“Beloved TV Family The Goldbergs is Back”

Guideposts.org, September 20, 2016

“Discovering Dad”

Guideposts, July 2016

“Jennie Garth on Faith, Family, and Hallmark’s A Time to Dance

Guideposts.org, May 12, 2016

“Eyes Wide Open”

Mysterious Ways, April/May 2016

“The Real-Life Parkers”

The Joys of Christmas, 2015

“The Good Stepmom”

The Joys of Christmas, 2015

“The Path to Awesome!” (feature on Kid President’s mom)

Guideposts, December 2015

“The Power of a Prayer” (cover story on Carrie Ann Inaba)

Guideposts, March 2015

“Stranded at…Johnny Rockets?”

Guideposts, January 2015

Mike Rowe Wants to Know What You Do for a Living

Details.com, October 8, 2014

“Taking the Lead”

Guideposts, October 2014

Lessons from Dad” (cover story on Sarah Drew)

Guideposts, May 2014

The Pudding That Saved a County

Guideposts, May 2014

A Lesson in Multiplication

Guideposts, March 2014

A Heart Like Molly’s

Guideposts, January 2014

Keeping It Real” (cover story on Korie Robertson)

Guideposts, October 2013

A Grandson Makes Good” (cover story on Mike Rowe)

Guideposts, September 2013

“Living the Dream”

Girls’ Life, April/May 2013

“On the Beat”

Guideposts, April 2013

Heavenly Assurances” (feature on Scotty McCreery)

Mysterious Ways, March 2013

The Lord’s Day

Guideposts, December 2012

“Are You a Trendsetter or a Style Stealer?” (quiz)

Girls’ Life, October/November 2012

Reba’s Guide to Life” (cover story on Reba McEntire)

Guideposts, September 2012

A Deeper Connection

Guideposts, July 2012


Girls’ Life, April/May 2012

“Angels Among Us” (Randy Owen, lead singer of country group Alabama)

Angels on Earth, March/April 2012

“‘Work Heartily'” (Helio Castroneves, as told to Ginger Rue)

Guideposts, November 2011

“Role Reversal”

Teen Vogue, September 2011

“A Love That Forgives” (Birmingham church bombing survivor Carolyn McKinstry)

Guideposts, August 2011

“The Pie Solution”

Guideposts, July 2011

“Wounded Soldiers Learn to Rock On” (Def Leppard’s Rick Allen)

guideposts.org, May 2011

“An Inspiring Story of Faith in Tuscaloosa”

guideposts.org, May 2011

“You Are Loved” (Andie Macdowell cover story)

Guideposts, March 2011

“The Dog of My Dreams” (Mary Steenburgen cover story)

Guideposts, October 2010

“What Inspires Me” (Emily Procter cover story)

Guideposts, August 2010

“Starring Dad” (James Stewart, as remembered by his daughter Kelly)

Guideposts, December 2009

“To Whom Much Is Given” (The Blind Side mom)

Guideposts.com, November 2009

“Disorderly Conduct”
Guideposts, July 2009

“Start Living a More Positive Life Today! Mary Steenburgen Tells You How”
Guideposts.com, July 2009

“Permission Slip”
Family Circle, June 2009

“Taking Wing” (Marg Helgenberger cover story)
Guideposts, June 2009

“In the Balance”
Guideposts, June 2009

“Beyond the Finish Line” (Jeff Gordon cover story)
Guideposts, February 2009

“Remembering Aunt Callie and Mr. William”
The Faulkner Journal, Spring 2008

“Saving Moundville”
Guideposts, October 2008

“In Good Time” (Angie Harmon cover story)
Guideposts, September 2008

“What a Girl Wants…From Her Magazine”
Mediabistro.com, July 17, 2007

“Bullied to Death”
Seventeen, December 2006

“Coca-Cola and a Doughnut Stick”
Guideposts, July/August 2006

“What a Dork!”
For Me, July 2006

“Did a Website Help Kill Her?”
Seventeen, July 2006

“My Real Dad”
Sweet 16, June/July 2006

“Hula-Hoop Girl”
Sweet 16, June/July 2006

“New-School Cowboys”
For Me, April 2006

“A Game That Turned Deadly”
Seventeen, February 2006

“A Time for Tears”
Sweet 16, December/January 2006

“Are You Celeb Obsessed?”
Girls’ Life, December/January 2006

“Are You a Relationship Zombie?”
Sweet 16, October/November 2005

“Fake! Fraud! Imposter!”
For Me, October 2005

“She Got Pregnant on Purpose”
Seventeen, September 2005

“Ask Ginger” column
Sweet 16, August/September 2004 through August/September 2007

“My Odd Job Odyssey”
Guideposts for Teens, August/September 2001