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Brand New Emily

Everyone at Wright Middle School knows you should not make an enemy of the uber-clique that fourteen-year-old Emily Wood calls The Daisies. But that’s exactly what she has done, and now she’s paying the price…until Emily stumbles onto some top-secret gossip about a teen heartthrob and finds herself in the good graces of a top New York PR firm. Now—with an ace publicist in her corner—make way for Brand Em: She’s got style, she’s got attitude, and her troubles at school are a thing of the past! But no product can stay hot forever, and it isn’t long before Emily discovers the limits of brand loyalty.

In her first novel, Ginger Rue captures perfectly the desire to be part of the in-crowd. And while the solution to Emily’s problems may be every teen’s fantasy, readers will cheer as the once-bullied girl finds her way back to her true self.