Ginger would love to visit your school or group!

She is available for one school assembly (one hour) and one writing workshop (one hour) per day or the equivalent (for example, four 30-minute sessions). Her writing workshop can be tailored to meet the school’s request, or schools can choose from one of two prepared workshops: “Writing Is Fun (And Other Lies)” or “Hey, You! Keeping Readers’ Attention in the Age of Limited Attention Spans.” She also offers Q&A sessions so that students can ask any questions they like. There is no additional charge for lunch with selected students who have read Ginger’s books, interviews with local or school newspapers, and/or book signings.

Author’s Honorarium: In-state: $1000 per day plus mileage calculated at the IRS standard rate (53 ½ cents per mile as of 2017). If the driving distance is over two hours, overnight lodging may be required. Out-of-state: $1500 per day plus travel expenses (flight and lodging).

Discounts: Ginger offers two “Pay What You Can” school visits per year. And for Tuscaloosa area schools, Ginger offers a 50% discount for schools that schedule at least six months in advance. Please use the email form on the contact page for more information.

School visits are most successful when students have read Ginger’s books beforehand. Pre-event sales of books can be arranged through your local bookstore, or you can use the email form on the contact page of this website to arrange sales through Ginger’s publishers.